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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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a police officer arrested after a mother and her young daughter are found dead. tonight friends and family gathered as they try to come to grips with this unthinkable tragedy. a teen goes underwater. doesn't come back up. we will have the latest on the efforts to find him. and john edwards says he made some mistakes but didn't break any campaign finance laws. tonight we examine the indictment handed down against the former presidential candidate. good evening. >> we begin with the developing story in montgomery county.
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tonight a teenager presumed dead after he went missing in a reservoir along the montgomery county, howard county line. fire officials say he and two other teens were walking along the res inventory the reservoir. the identity of the teen has not been released. now to an unthinkable crime in prince george's county. the victim a mother and her child. the suspect a dc police officer. the 20-year-old woman was found dead last night in a park in maryland. her 1-year-old daughter's body was discovered in a car about a mile away. tonight the child's father dc police officer richmond phillips sits in a jail cell as the victims' family and friends try to cope with the tragic chain of events. we go live to prince george's county. >> reporter: tonight a very emotional night and night filled with anger here in the area where those bodies were found as the family returned here for a candle light vigil.
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now, the mother started off this candle light vigil with a march to the area where her daughter's body was found. as you just mentioned today a police officer was arrested in connection with the murder of the 20-year-old mother and her daughter. the two were reported missing earlier this week. and then thursday they were found near the hillcrest community center. now, the woman was found dead with trauma to the body. her 1-year-old daughter jaylin was found abandoned in a vehicle on southern island. we spoke with her cousin michele just a short time ago asking them their emotions about about this event and they were very distraught. they said this was a premeditated crime. the police officer who did this had a plan for doing this. this was all about child support in their eyes. very angry that this happened. also we want to tell you that the suspect in this case, the
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mpd officer was only charged with the murder of the 20-year- old woman. he has not been charge at this point with the death of the 1- year-old jaylin. much more coming up tonight at 11 p.m. back to you. >> thank you for that. wisdom marting. 37-year-old ken yu cheung has been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. he was arraigned in circuit court today. he was transporting 58 passengers from charlotte to new york early tuesday when he swerved hit an embankment and overturned. the crash killed four people leaving dozens of others injured. cheung could be sentenced to up to 40 years in prison. former presidential candidate john edwards has been indicted for using campaign funds to cover up his extra marital affair and secret love child. he is accused of using $925,000 in under the table campaign contributions to hide the
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scandal. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: john edwards arrived at the federal courthouse in salem, north carolina, with his daughter kate after entering his not guilty plea speaking for less than 30 seconds. >> there is no question that i have done wrong and i take full responsibility for having done wrong and i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others but i did not break the law and i never, ever thought i was breaking the law. thank you all very much. >> reporter: the indictment charges edwards used more than $900,000 in campaign contributions from wealthy supporters. it is a major reversal of fortune for the 2004 democratic
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vice presidential nominee. the indictment says he used campaign money to hide his girlfriend rielle hunter and the baby he fathered with her while campaigning for president in 2008 and married to the late elizabeth edwards. >> the defense attorneys have already made statements that say these were private actions. he was trying to protect the honor of his wife. >> reporter: washington, dc, defence attorney keith waters knows edwards from his days as a u.s. senator. he says the prosecutors will have to prove the monies edwards used were campaign contributions and not personal gifts from his friends. >> i think that a clear demarkation between a campaign contribution that will further the campaign and personal contributions that are just gifts. >> reporter: the court of public opinion though may have already rendered its verdict as many people told us they are not surprised by john edwards' behavior or the criminal charges. >> i always thought he was like
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that from the beginning. i never liked him. my parents fell for it but i didn't. >> it is not fair. you've got so many different icons and celebrities who cheated. >> now we know. so we are not surprised. we are actually waiting for that stuff to come out. >> reporter: now as in his political life john edwards may be stuck between two americas. one that believes he is innocent and another that believes he is guilty as charged. >> edwards faces a maximum of five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine on each one of the six counts. as a condition of his release he did not have to post bail but has been barred by the judge in this case from contacting any of the witnesses. in the newsroom, tom fitzgerald, fox 5. joining us now with more on the fallout of john edwards. good to see you. john edwards we just mentioned is guilty in the public opinion saying he spent every dollar to
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keep it quiet but pulling apart bank accounts and figuring out which dollars went to what causes, that's got to be sort of an impossible, task, isn't it? pretty hard to prove. >> the real issue is has he broken the law. can the government prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt? remember not one cent, not one check of this $925,000 went to the campaign. it went directly to his mistress and directly to his assistant. >> how do you know that? how do you track that? >> i read the indictment. if you look at the diameter it has right there -- look at the indictment. it says right there. the monies were made directly. that's what the theory so novel and difficult for the government to prove. >> i'm wondering that, did it take this long because that's what federal investigators were doing watching every single dollar, tracking it, spending every day all day trying to get exactly down to the nitty- gritty so they can put a and b together? >> it has taken a long time to
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put a and b together i'm sure but a and b doesn't equal c in this case because these dollars were never directed or never went through the john edwards presidential campaign coffers and that's what makes the case so difficult for the government. i think john edwards as far as breaking the law quite frankly has a great defense here notwithstanding the conspiracy but the illegal contributions as well as the filings that is part of the indictment. quite frankly, you've got to connect the dots for some political or presidential purpose and john edwards wasn't doing this to protect his campaign per se because his campaign wasn't going that well anyway he was doing this to protect his family as a married man and a father and having a mistress and a child out of wedlock and any married man who would ever be in that situation would be in a crisis situation and who mows what they would do. but it wasn't to keep his campaign going because he wasn't up in the polls.
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>> a little bit of a taste of the defense which you're kind of laying out here that one major donor even e-mailed a campaign operative to pay for lavish air cuts if it was a problem. so she must have been giving him money as a gift. it seems like a stretch when we are talking about $925,000. that wasn't just to keep his hair looking nice? >> well, the million air, $925,000, $725,000 that she gave and then the democratic fund-raiser gave substantially less. these were friends supporting a friend. at least if i was the defense that would be my argument and they are free to do that. never before has any presidential candidate or any council or congressional candidate been charged with this type of conspiracy and these type of campaign finance violations where not one check or not one cent of the money at issue went through the campaign or even touched the campaign. i think it is a stretch. and if i were john edwards and his legal team i would spend a
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lot of time talking to the federal judge as well as the fourth circuit about whether this legal theory is really viable or not. not whether they can prosecute him or whether he is guilty or not but whether can the government actually bring this type of case where there is such a thin read between the facts and the law. plus, what was the legislative intent of these statutes that the government is relying on? did it intend to be this broad whereby a friend cannot help a presidential candidate in crisis without it being considered a campaign contribution simply because is he a candidate. it would have a chilling effect on every candidate in the country if the government is successful. >> $925,000 is a lot of money for a haircut. >> doesn't mean he broke the law though. >> a. scott bolden. thank you for coming this tonight. >> thank you. disappointing month for job grow. find out how a bleak
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unemployment report is fueling debate over spending on capitol hill. digging deeper to find more questions about the council chairman defending himself yet again after e-mails shed new light on another suv scandal. gary? >> thanks a lot. today was the best but that doesn't mean this weekend is going to be all that bad. even though there is rain in the forecast. we will have a first look at it coming up in just a bit. 
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one maryland teenager in critical condition and another under arrest. police say a victim was standing with a group and a suspect opened fire. only that victim was hit. police are still not clear on a motive. people in prince george's county took to the streets tonight encouraging their neighbors to get involved and get engaged. it is part of the police department's safe summer initiative officers joining school and church leaders.
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they walked through the community letting them know police are there to help and trying to get them more involved. >> we wanted to come together in solidarity and walk the community with the police to make sure the folks know this is our community and we will make it our own community. >> police handed out information on neighborhood watch and crime prevention but the main reason for the walk was to bring people in the neighborhood together. it is a story that just will not go away. talking about the suvs and chairman of the dc city council kwame brown. tonight there are new media reports that suggest before the fully loaded navigators, there was a chevy tahoe chairman brown refused to drive. tonight the chairman spoke with matt about all this. >> reporter: he told me frankly he is tired of addressing this issue saying he has made some mistakes in the past, admitted to them, now he wants to move on but he agreed to talk to us about these latest developments tonight. it was a washington city paper that exposed a new side of the
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story. the reporter for loose lips obtained e-mails from brown's staff that suggested the chairman did not want a chevy tahoe that was originally assigned to him. instead, he wanted a navigator similar to the one that the mayor has. but brown told fox 5 tonight he had no part in the e-mails and that he never asked for an suv like the mayor's. also, he says, the reason he refused a tahoe was because for some reason it had maryland tags. >> that is absolutely falls in terms of refusing anything. i was driving a vehicle that had maryland tags. it was the fist one. and quite frankly i told them i was not going to drive a car with maryland tags. i thought it was inappropriate for any legislative branch leader to ride around. many residents saw that car and they would ask why do you have maryland tags on your vehicle. >> reporter: the city is still on the hook for the two fully loaded suvs that were originally ordered for the chairman. the attorney general is trying to work out a deal with the leasing dealership but so far a
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source says no deal has been reached. but brown still plans to honor his promise once a deal is made. >> always said from the beginning that i would pay for the time that i was in the vehicle and i look forward to doing it. have no problems doing it at all. >> you don't want to talk about this any more. tonight you're saying this is the last time want to address it. >> fox 5. last time i want to talk about the suv. i think people are beyond the suv issue. there are real serious issues going on in the city. people are trying to keep their homes in the city. we are trying to keep people working. >> but we will continue to ask questions about the suvs and hopefully the chairman will answer them in the future. it is important to note chairman brown now drives around in an old mail truck he owns. he moved into that vehicle after he gave up the navigator. >> people are hurting in this town and i think they can't really relate to driving a tahoe and a couple of lincoln s. economy appears to be taking in our downturn.
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the government announcing today the economy slowed in may. president obama headed to ohio in the meantime to talk jobs. >> reporter: during a visit to a chrysler plant in toledo, ohio, president obama highlighted his administration's efforts to help american automakers rebound. >> so far the auto industry has added 113,000 jobs over the past two years. >> reporter: while detroit's big three have also gained market shares the job picture nationwide is bleak. the labor department says the unemployment rate edged up last month to 9.1%. the administration said it is another bump in the road to recovery. >> we are clearly in a totally different ballpark than we were when the president took office and were losing more than 750,000 jobs a month. >> reporter: employers added 54,000 jobs in may. the lowest number in eight months. the numbers heighten the standoff between democrats and republicans over how to cut the nation's debt and rev up the sluggish economy. >> we are serious about
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creating jobs in america but we can't raise taxes on the very people who create jobs and keep spending money that we don't have. >> reporter: gop leaders are calling for trillions in cuts along with a major overhaul of medicare and medicaid before voting in favor of raising the debt limit. >> we are serious about growing this economy. we are serious about reinstilling optimism on the part of middle businesses. >> reporter: democrats say cuts alone won't be enough and the nation's wealthiest will have to pay more. >> the treasury department says lawmakers have until august 2nd to raise the nation's borrowing limit by more than 2 trillion or the u.s. could default on some loans. live look outside when it comes to the weather. today is about as good as it gets around here but a few changes coming in the forecast. >> i'm looking at a few right now. i'm tweaking the sunday just a
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little bit here. we will talk more about that in the full forecast but first let's deal with what's going on out there right now. you can see here there is a little bit of cloudiness. most of the cloudiness though is well up to the north of us and there is a little disturbance in the atmosphere. that's the stuff that causes rain and unsettled weather. that's coming around a big ridge of high pressure. it is in northern sections right now in wisconsin around michigan. coming up around around a ridge of high pressure. it will be here tomorrow night to bring with it a little bit of rain. 74 right now. slow to cool in the city but look what's happening in the suburbs. 59 for frederick. dulles 60 degrees. all temperatures tonight will settle on down. we could have some 40s out there in the suburbs overnight tonight. i think if the temperature will start dropping we may get down to 58 degrees here in town but it will be a beautiful overnight. again, i'm tweaking part of this forecast as we speak. i'll tell you specifics on that coming up. >> all right, see new a bit. five district intersections
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quit working today right in the middle of rush hour. a power outage caused a power surge. it sparked an underground fire it was so powerful and popped tops off manhole covers and created a traffic nightmare for anyone driving near the mall. right now everything is back to normal. singer patty labelle is being sued. a school trip marred by a freak accident on a ferris wheel. details when we return. 
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a new mexico amusement park set to reopen tomorrow after a deadly accident involving a ferris wheel. an 11-year-old girl on a class field trip fell 100 feet from the ferris wheel when it was in motion later dying at the hospital. witnesses were stunned. >> people were wandering around
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trying to see what happened and there was just a bunch of blood on the floor. she was just laying there i guess. they tried performing c.p.r. on her. >> not clear what caused the girl to fall. there were no mechanical problems with the ride. a west point cadet is suing singer patdy labell claiming her body guard attacked him. he was waiting to be picked up when the body guard beat him up. surveillance video reportedly shows the cadet talking on a cell phone then being hit and pushed to the ground. he claims he was standing too close to patty's luggage. it happened back in march when king was on spring break. casey anthony trial. coming up the emotional conversation she had with her parents in the days after her young daughter disappeared. plus a deadly e. coli outbreak sickening hundreds of people across europe. we will tell you what's being done to make sure the same thing doesn't happen here.
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the man known as dr. death passes away. back in a moment. aur fgo
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you are watching fox 5 news at 10 p.m. an e. coli outbreak killing at least 18 people, sickening 2000 others in europe. first detected in germany last month. so what's being done to make sure it doesn't happen to us here in the united states? fox 5's allison seymour explains. >> reporter: in europe a new deadly e. coli strain has infected more than 1600 people. this has farmers, consumers and officials looking at possible gaps in the u.s. food system. >> i think we have to constantly be vigilent and i think we have to constantly look for ways to improve food safety and that requires us to make sure we are testing for the right things. >> reporter: but testing for this mutant strain hasn't been done in the u.s. and the exact source is still unknown by scientists in europe. so cucumbers, tomatoes and leafy lettuce are suspect.
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>> there are multiple strains of e. coli and one of the questions is how do we do testing for multiple strains to get ahead of illnesses. >> reporter: a 2006 outbreak in spin ash highlighted the threat to fresh produce in the united states much the cdc estimates that strain alone causes about 63,000 food borne illnesses a year. a sweeping new law requires the fda to set standards to guard against contamination of all sorts. the rules are expected to address such things as properly processed compost, worker hygiene and keeping animals and their runoff from field or irrigation water. >> the fda under a newly passed law is supposed to overhaul the way it does food safety and one of the changes it is supposed to make is to set new standards for produce manufacturers. >> reporter: on this 60-acre vegetable farm outside of chicago the united states
10:31 pm
department of agriculture clean food certification has been ramped up in the last three years. this farmer keeps a close watch on the good agricultural practices of cleaning raw foods that go to market. >> there is a new emphasis in the last few years on sanitation conditions for fresh vegetables and we are concerned about it because we don't want it to come to this country and secondly we don't want it to chill people's interest in eating fresh vegetables. >> reporter: the u.s. fda says there is not a major concern in this country as of yet. >> at this point in time i have no reason to believe that what is specifically occurring in europe is somehow going to happen over here because of what happened in europe. >> reporter: the broad focus promised by the new food safety law is critical to get ahead of the next emerging germ rather than racing to develop tests for each new strain. allison seymour, fox 5 news.
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the man known as dr. death has died. assisted suicide advocate dying early this morning at a detroit area hospital. he had kidney and respiratory problems. he spent eight years in prison for second-degree murder for administering a deadly combination of drugs to a man suffering from lou gehrig's disease at the patient's request. he was 83 years old. 44 years in prison. that's the sentence for the man accused of killing a yale graduate student. raymond clark apologized in court today in new haven, conneticut. the body of anny le was found stuffed in a wall in a research lab on what was to be her wedding day in '09. clark who was a former animal research technician in that lab pleaded guilty in march under an agreement with prosecutors. prosecutors showed more jail house conferences between casey anthony and her parents today. during one call anthony appears to dismiss an argument she is now trying to sell to the fox news gloria gomez has more. >> reporter: in this jailhouse
10:33 pm
call casey anthony appears calm and relaxed while her mother cindy anthony takes one look at her daughter and falls apart. >> good morning. >> good morning, beautiful. >> i love you. >> hi, i love you too. why is she crying already? >> because we haven't seen you. >> reporter: a defense team told a jury caylee accidentally died in the swimming pool and george anthony helped cover up. but casey dismisses a rumor that caylee died in a pool. >> i'm not doing well. none of us. dad is blowing up at the media. >> yeah, i heard. >> someone just said that caylee was dead this morning, that she drowned in the pool. that's the newest story out there. >> surprise, surprise. >> in one call george anthony looks forward to his granddaughter coming home and his entire family being together once again.
10:34 pm
a sharp contrast to the child molester he has been portrayed as. >> you know what today's date is? >> we have a week until her birthday, i know. >> we have six days. so i just -- i want to have that big party for her. we were first having just a little one but we want to have a big one. >> i want to be home so we can do that, dad. >> reporter: but tender moments with her parents quickly turns to anger when cindy anthony presses her daughter for information in caylee's disappearance. >> i was in lake county two days ago. >> okay. >> is there anything there? >> mom -- i'm sorry, i love you guys. i miss you. >> all right, sweetheart. >> i'm going to hang up and just walk away right now. >> please don't. >> i'm frustrated and i'm angry and i don't want to be angry. this is the first time i have truly, truly been angry this entire time.
10:35 pm
but i'm so beyond frustrated with all of this i can't even swallow right now it hurts. >> reporter: jurors watched as casey continued the charade that caylee was taken by the nanny. >> she is not going to hurt caylee. >> i told you in my gut i know she is still okay. i can feel it, mom. i know she is still okay. we are going to get our little girl back and she is going to be just as she was. trust me. i said the same thing. i'm going to be the crazy overprotective mom at that point but i don't care. i think it iswell worth it and well deserved. >> you have always been a protective mommy. >> like i said, crazy. i won't let her out of my sight. >> reporter: gloria gomez, fox 5 news. >> prosecutors expect to reach the halfway point of their case on saturday. new video taking a lot of
10:36 pm
heat now she is firing back saying it is okay for t.v. find out where food trucks were corralled for a lunch crowd. that's coming up. a market monsoon after a job market swoon. the economy needing to add about 5000 jobs a day between now and the election to get back the jobs lost since president obama took office. but that's not what wall street wanted to hear. stocks ending the week lower. the dow now on a five-week losing streak. president obama is saying uncle sam growing to sell its stake in chrysler. when the deal is done taxpayers will lose more than $1 billion on that bailout. meantime, mazda reportedly ready to zoom-zoom out of america. and stop making cars in the u.s. north america is a
10:37 pm
japanese automaker's only money losing regions. the man this close to calling the white house home now one step closer to calling a jail cell home. john edwards charged with a felony today. he says he is not guilty. the two-time presidential candidate accused of spending close to $1 million in campaign funds to cover up an affair. and that's business. i'm liz mcdonald. chinina
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died today. james arnes died. a letter to be read after his death was posted on his website friday. he wrote he had a "wonderful life and blessed with so many loving people and friends." he played marshall matt dylon from 1955 to 1975 on the cbs series "gunsmoke." singer rihanna is defending her new video. yesterday rihanna called the video art with a message. they will continue to play the video. mtv though says it is still reviewing it. do you think rihanna's new video is too violent for t.v.? we asked fox 5 viewers to text their votes to us last night and here are the results. 43% said yes. 56% said no. coming up tonight at 11
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p.m., an emotional gathering in maryland. dozens of middle schoolers come together to remember a young friend found dead in her home. the question still remains who is the killer? supposed to ease the commuter crunch. is it working. do you see any cars on that road? how many drivers are actually using it because of the toll at 11 p.m. 
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a small city in one dc neighborhood popped up around noon. this new town offered special of choices for the eager lunch crowd. several of the food trucks in the district all rolled into one spot for a mobile feast. >> reporter: now, these may be the mean streets of dc but you can go to korea or even to maine without ever leaving town. from mac & cheese to barbecue. a feast of food trucks. >> well, we open right at 11
10:46 pm
and people started streaming in. unbelievely fast. >> do you know the name of this whole event what they call it? >> i have no idea. >> it is called chuck-a-roo. >> some of the lines are so long you may need a snack while in line. what do you have there? >> a cuban pork sandwich. i decided to get one while i waited in line for lobster. >> so you're waiting in line with a sandwich while waiting for a lobster sandwich. are you going to the gym tonight? >> i better. >> reporter: 17 food trucks. a bar is dose late on days when the nats don't play. his big dc question. >> how can we kind of take the eastern market vibe and bring it over here? >> reporter: and here is that vibe in high heels or combat boots. one big family gathered around the table. >> usually during lunch i try to avoid people i work with but this is a fun way to do it
10:47 pm
outside of the work environment. >> how did you guys end up way back here? >> i came earlier but i came back out with my boss to get food. >> did he make you do that because he is your boss? >> no, he is paying. >> is it true that you're paying? >> yes, today. yes. notice how he qualified that. >> that's fine. >> reporter: in this part of town office buildings are popping up but the restaurants aren't keeping up. >> we hope they do this once a week. >> reporter: for a take on the lobster roll. >> i would have eaten the container. >> reporter: while there are long lines for the food this is a rare event where there don't seem to be any lines for the bathrooms. clearly everyone is heading back to work on this sunny friday afternoon and no doubt they will be very productive. in washington, 5 news. >> lines look long but customers say they moved pretty
10:48 pm
fast. the truck-a-roo will happen every month. they will serve food until 9 p.m. at least they did tonight. visit our website for more information, >> information. >> tomorrow is not bad. don't get me wrong. probably not as good as today but pretty doggone close. we could have a good amount of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures back up into the middle 80s i think for tomorrow. some locations. so i'm starting to convince myself that, hey, maybe tomorrow is going to be as good as today. temperature dropping off a little bit slower tonight at least here in the city. true view will show you where there are some clouds in place pretty much to the west of us and to the east of us. there is a little bit coming down here out of pennsylvania but no big deal. some of these appear. they come on around and probably provide us with a little bit of high thin clouds much like we saw from time to time today.
10:49 pm
we will get a little bit of that tomorrow. i still think a lot of sunshine. temperatures around there this hour shaping up like this. for some reason in the city it didn't cool it off too much. 74 here in town. gaithersburg, frederick. you're already into the upper 50s. hagerstown at 69. that happens sometimes. they get a little bit more wind blowing around up there. that tends to keep their temperatures up. manassas typically a cool spot in this type of situation. they are at 55 degrees. culpepper 57. if you haven't done so, turn off the air conditioner. open the windows. enjoy that nice fresh air. i think we will be able to do it most of the weekend. by the way, high today here in dc, 81 degrees. cincinnati 82. look where the heat is. this is big time heat from dallas up to wichita. 100 degrees there. omaha 94. minneapolis today 91 degrees. so this is where all the heat is. little rock 96. st. louis 96. that's a nice little heat waive wave. it looks like this ridge of
10:50 pm
high pressure will stay a little bit east of us. pardon me, a little bit west of us. not totally dry for us this weekend because of that. if we could get that high pressure to come right on top of us or move a little bit more to the east we would be talking about a completely dry weekend but not the case. look where the jet stream is. it is just to the west of us. high pressure is sitting out basically over the middle part of the country and as long as we are in this position we have to dodge these little disturbances that come down and around the jet stream because basically the jet stream is a storm track and that's going to bring it right on in. this is tonight on futurecast. look what happens tomorrow. one good thing, there has been a little bit of change here in the futurecast, the modeling showing that tomorrow most of the day stays mostly sunny. we are thinking by afternoon it was going to cloud up. not the case. but look what happens tomorrow night. a little disturbance comes around and such that we have some showers around here sunday morning.
10:51 pm
and then as we progress through the day on sunday look at showers here. just from the time i came upstairs futurecast updated again with the latestso you can showers on sunday but it doesn't look like anything too bad. okay. but one thing looks to be sure now. several model runs here from hour to hour showing we are indeed going to have some unsettled weather around on sunday and a few showers late in the afternoon and some of that could be in the form of moderate thunderstorm activity. i don't think we are talking about anything severe. or really anything that will be too terribly strong. 84 tomorrow. a few showers tomorrow night. still some showers and thunderstorm around on sunday. high of 82. look at the trend here. we should be 81. so a little warmer than normal tomorrow. sunday is 82. monday we are back up to 85. temperature will be climbling up next week. beautiful tonight. upper 40s in the suburbs. 50 here in town whenever the temperature decides it wants to cool. in the mid 70s right now. it will cool off in the next
10:52 pm
few hours. 84 for a high tomorrow. few clouds after 3 p.m. certainly warmer than today. there is a look at your day parks tomorrow. i will push the button one more time and we will get to the five-day forecast. not a bad weekend but definitely going to be a little bit unsettled on sunday. that's the day you have plans outdoors you might want to reconsider. faultering economy. the 2011 presidential race. and got his thoughts on senator john edwards who was indicted on conspiracy. >> i don't know the legalities. what struck me today was what an astonishing fall from grace. when i first met john edwards back in 2004 when he was running for president i thought he had some of the most extraordinary political skills and personal charisma of any
10:53 pm
politician i met. seemed like the sky was the . now we are talking whether or not john edwards will serve hard time in prison. just an astonishing fall from grace. >> are you surprised that he pled not guilty? >> no. he may have tried to work out a plea deal. first of all, he was a very accomplished trial lawyer himself. he has got a rep who used to be white house counsel for barack obama. so he will present a pretty high powered defense and if they couldn't work out a deal i think he will make them prove their case in court. >> let's switch gears a little bit and talk about the new jobs report out looking for dismal president obama saying the economy faces challenges ahead. you're talking about it on the show this week. what do you make about the new numbers that just came out? >> they are terrible. they are just terrible. the economy created 244,000 jobs in april. 54,000 this last month. housing prices are down to
10:54 pm
2000. two levels we basically have wiped out a decade's worth of equity. manufacturing is down. growth rate that people talked about being over 3% now may not even be 2%. and it is terrible news for americans politically and of course you have to view it also in that sense in this town very bad news for the president. he has got a lot of advantages in running for reelection but if the economy stays this bad he is in terrible trouble. >> you're talking more about this this week on your show. who else will be on board that will be discussing the economy and other issues at hand? >> we will be talking exactly about this. the economy and 2012 campaign. exclusive guest sarah palin. extraordinary. mitt romney on thursday with a big roll out of his campaign. he had a big campaign staff, a prepared tax teleprompter and here is sarah palin just touring up the east coast on
10:55 pm
her bus and literally wiped mitt romney off the front page of the big newspaper in new hampshire. we will talk to her about the economy. about various other issues. the deficit. but mostly we will ask the question i'm sure a lot of people are asking what is sarah palin up to. >> indeed a lot of people asking that question. chris wallace, fox news sunday. see you then. >> thank you, maureen. recalling paul rivere's ride. dozens gather to remember a 12-year-old girl as police search for the person who killed her. we will take you to the emotional vigil on the news edge at 11 p.m. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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sarah palin may need a history lesson. she visited paul rivere's house
10:59 pm
yesterday as part of her bus tour but isn't clear on what paul rivere did on his famous midnight ride. he thought she was warning the british army and said he was ringing bells and sending warnings shots. no bells were used during the actual ride to warn colonists of the approaching army. michelle obama with the address for a graduating class of seniors of 26. she spent out a thank you to the parents of the kids during her address. >> but parents, you've managed to do this as marines carrying out missions across the globe while somehow still finding time for bedtime stories over the phone and advice over video chat. >> in addition to quantico the first lady addressed graduation


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